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Germany  quality – tradition – knowledge – competence

“Agrosad” was founded in Trebinje, former Yugoslavia in year 1991 as a producing and trading company.
Since 2004 “Agrosad Germany” has been located in Erlenbach a. Main, Germany.

We are a specialized company for professional technical equipment in pomiculture as well as viticulture.

We supply almost all major leading producers of fruit and wine in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia.Our team of representatives consists of 12 full time employees. Six are highly skilled, while four of us are graduate engineers in pomiculture and viticulture.

Agrosad Germany is the only general representative of the following German companies: Clemens, Ero-Binger, Humus, Müller, Wagner, Rink and Filocal, the Dutch companies Munckhof and Fleuren,  BAB from Belgium and Voran from Austria for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. We represent Humus, Müller and BAB in Bulgaria.

We share a twenty year old partnership with Fleuren from the Netherlands. Fleuren is one of the biggest European producers of fruit plants. The first KNIP plant was produced in their nursery in 1976.

Representatives: Agrosad-Croatia in Ilok, Agrosad-Serbia in Novi Sad, Mostar, with professional customer and service department and with training center in Ilok.

We have three combine harvesters for rent/service harvesting of grapes in Srijem, Slavonia, Baranja and Istria.

Based on the experience with technical management of long-term plantations in Hepok-Mostar (22,000,000 US Dollars), raising orchards and vineyards in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and many years of work in German pomi- and viticulture, we offer competent answers regarding all issues concerning raising and maintaining of orchards and vineyards, especially on larger areas and scales.